Stephen/Jarose. 21. D1 Adc/jungle streamer. Typically fun guy. Big nerd. I like girls, and video games, and food. So yeah. Hi! I also Offer Boosting/Coaching


climbintomybatcave Is QQing cause she doesn’t have enough followers plz help 

Holding off on the birthday stream until tomorrow, ALL of my OBS settings and follower stuff has to be redone.. So… Tomorrow. :/ <3

Sorry guys

cpr-catastrophe asked
wow your brother is really underage, can you tell these thirsts to chill out?

^ ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^

NONE of my stream stuff transferred correctly to my new pc…. Stream delayed.. 

a-trex asked
jarose your brother is reaching extreme levels man

nah these freaks just need to find an alternative source of liquid.

like damn

Anonymous asked
wow your brother is really attractive, post a pic of him?

no, and no. he’s 14. go away.

teamsolomeme u can have his kik if u eat my ass


Dios De Los Muertos Thresh!

LMAO my ingame screenshot mockups are laughably horrible. But hopefully, you are enchanted as much as I am by the idea of a happy mariachi skeleton band.

Anonymous asked