Stephen/Jarose. 21. D1 Adc/jungle streamer. Typically fun guy. Big nerd. I like girls, and video games, and food. So yeah. Hi! I also Offer Boosting/Coaching



if u dont like long distance relationships thats cool. but u have to be a huge piece of shit to tell someone that their love isnt real and the relationship is fake

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If I stream tonight I think I’m gonna work on getting my vayne kick back. I was known for that for a while. I think I’ll bring it back.

Thoughts? Who agrees?

Get it? roles? Like lanes… yeah it was partially a bad joke.

You know what roles off the tongue perfectly? Riot Jarose. Maybe it’ll happen some day. We’ll see.

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i like girls who can pull off the purple hair


i like the purpleish blue / blonde / white mix :D


you don’t realize how attached you are to someone until you go without talking to them for a bit